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TAG Product Legacy

TAG has deployed across the globe over 20,000 rugged computer systems to defense, federal, and industrial customers. A tradition of excellence has been at the core of every system TAG builds. Every system has been built to meet specific customer requirements. | Read More

TAG VITA 73 Spartan 6 Frame Grabber

Legacy: Embedded Systems

One of TAG's designs coming out of its Advanced Engineering Concepts Center is redesigning PCI Systems CameraLink Video Capture Engine into the VITA 73 rugged Small Form Factor (SSF) transfer engine for real-time image processing.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Embedded Systems

TAG Commander TC-301

Legacy: Rugged Tablets and Handhelds

TAG has been designing custom tablets for rugged environments for nearly a decade. The first generation TAG Commander® rugged tablet, TC-100, was deployed as a maintenance device for the radios used for airborne, and maritime tactical radio system networks.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Tablets

TAG Rugged Smart Displays / Panel PCs

Legacy: Rugged Smart Displays / Panel PCs

Featuring Field-Upgradable CPU®, and embedded modules options for varying levels of performance, TAG's rugged smart displays / all-in-one panel PCs have been mounted to bulkheads, racks, and in other unique locations most manufacturers can't support.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Smart Displays

TAG MIL-BOOK® Mobile Workstation

Legacy: Rugged MIL-BOOK® Workstations

TAG's custom designed rugged workstation, known as the MIL-BOOK®, was part of a custom designed Airframe Mounted Application Gateway (AMAG) that features a TAG 15" Smart Display that is powered by Intel mobile technology, and mounted to a tactical keyboard / trackball base chassis.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Workstations

TAG Ultra-Mobile Rugged Computers

Legacy: Ultra-Mobile Rugged Computers

TAG has designed a number of Small Form Factor (SSF) rugged computer systems that are built around specific Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements. The SSF chassis are easily mounted inside a number of military, and commercial vehicles where space is limited.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Ultra-Mobile Rugged Computers

TAG Rugged Servers & Storage Solutions

Legacy: Rugged Servers and Storage Solutions

All of TAG’s rugged servers deployed overs the past three decades are the culmination of our world-class engineering, manufacturing, integration, and lifecycle management.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Servers & Storage Solutions

TAG Rugged Displays & Keyboards

Legacy: Rugged Displays and Keyboards

We’ve designed rugged displays of all sizes in both standard / widescreen formats, single / dual display configurations, and integrated with waterproof keyboards / pointing devices in support of a number of applications.

| Legacy Product Portfolio: Rugged Displays & Keyboards

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TAG Legacy Rugged Systems
TAG Legacy Rugged Systems

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TAG TC-301 Rugged Tablet

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