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TAG is a recognized industry leader in integrating advanced technologies into electronics that support complex programs. Our customers depend on our expertise to translate functional requirements, and performance objectives into specific design criteria. | Read More

TAG SV-20-IC Field Upgradable Computer

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From TAG's Precise Positioning Service (PPS) Global Positioning System-Survey (GPS-S) that enhances military GPS with Multi-GNSS data using a PNT integrity engine to ensure spoofing protection, to the patent pending Field-Upgradable CPU modules that allow technicians to replace the processor module out in the field, TAG focuses on advanced electronics with deployable architectures. | Read More

TC-301 TAG Commander

TAG Featured Product

Custom Designed TC-301 TAG Commander® Rugged Tablet

At the core of the PPS GPS-S system is TAG’s rugged tablet computer, the TC-301 TAG Commander®. The TC-301 integrates both military GPS and civilian GNSS receivers, advanced Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) signal processing technology, a miniature military grade wireless radio, and an Intel® embedded low power multi-core processor. | Read More

TAG SV-1200-IX Gemini 1U Dual Server Suite

TAG Customer-Centric Product Development

TAG's customer-centric product development is based on our proven engineering process. The process begins with intricate planning of the total project. These considerations include cost analysis, timeline management, component selection, environmental conditions, power budgets, software applications, and integration with current systems. | Read More

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TAG Military GNSS Survey System - PPS GPS-S

TAG Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)
TAG Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)

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TAG Advanced Electronics
TAG Advanced Electronics

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TAG Legacy Rugged Systems
TAG Legacy Rugged Systems

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TAG's Featured Product
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TAG TC-301 Rugged Tablet

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