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Advanced Engineering Design Brief

Each TAG solution is designed based on our proven engineering process. The process begins with intricate planning of the total project. These considerations include cost analysis, timeline management, component selection, environmental conditions, power budgets, software applications, and integration with current systems. | Read More

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TAG Customer Specification Development & Review

Customer Specification Development and Review

TAG uses industry accepted best practices to fully define systems requirements so that we can develop products which meet customer specifications. We may conduct an initial system size, weight, power, and cost study (SWaP-C) to ensure the system meets specific customer requirements. | Read More

TAG Product Design Engineering

Product Design Engineering

Our design engineers use a proven system of collaboration that incorporates our expertise in various elements of design. The customer’s requirements are at the forefront of this entire process and the goal throughout is to evaluate design approaches that meet all of their program requirements. | Read More

TAG Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

TAG’s engineering methodology is based on the industry-accepted Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model. This model allows TAG’s engineers the ability to adapt to any customer’s unique requirements while applying the discipline necessary to complete a development cycle. | Read More

TAG Thermal Engineering

Thermal Engineering

TAG uses Thermal simulation, and finite element analysis, performed using thermal analysis software, to ensure that systems are built to survive the full range of harsh thermal environments encountered by land, air, or sea. | Read More

TAG Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering process develops solutions for structures, sub-systems, and survivability. Using three-dimensional Computer-Aided Design (CAD), TAG Tactical Systems’ research, design, develop, and fabricate customer-centric products using high-performance materials to house a wide range of sensitive devices. | Read More

TAG Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering process actively engages in research and development of advanced Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computing technologies for military applications with particular focus on rugged COTS adaptation technologies, thermal monitoring, embedded systems, power supply designs, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). | Read More

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TAG Customer-Centric Product Develoopment
TAG Customer-Centric Product Develoopment

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TAG Systems Manufacturing
TAG Systems Manufacturing

TAG Manufacturing Capabilities

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TAG Systems Integration

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Tactical Systems Testing

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